Monday, 11 January 2010

New year, fresh resolve

Well, I have started 2010 feeling guilty for having abandoned the allotment for so many weeks. I miss being there, but the continuous rain for over a month and now the snow and ice, made it impossible to do anything meaningful. Especially as my wrist injury is STILL ongoing. Just as I think it's better, I feel that tearing pain and have to get on the strapping again. My latest resolution is to try and wear it most of the day, although it makes it difficult to hold anything properly. Drat!

Here's the allotment just before the rain really set in and I had to abandon it to its fate. Looks quite nice and sunny - I was looking forward to burning off all the wiry stems and setting up the rest to compost. Goodness knows what the next shot will be like!

Despite new, deeply unglamorous thermal underwear the cold has really been getting to me. Maybe it's age? I never used to feel so worried about the cold.

I still miss my best friend, but have resolved to join some local groups to make myself more active. I'd like to do some drawing and silversmithing, as soon as I've paid off the Christmas bills! Maybe there will be a film appreciation group, too; I miss our regular visits to the cinema and it's much harder to make the effort on my own. My partner has quite different tastes, so we rarely see a film together, alas.