Monday, 22 June 2009

Finishing projects

Some projects never quite get finished. They hang around waiting for the final bits to be done and eventually end up in my "Things to do" bag. This is now rather a large and formidable sight, so I've made myself go through everything and get some more things listed on etsy and folksy.

There's a new site that looks very interesting, The Handmade Artists Forum. Here's the link: - Supporting Handmade Artists
It started off as mostly chainmaille artists, but has generously expanded to include other craftspeople.
I will post some of my finished projects there, maybe later today!
Meanwhile, here's Robert Bear (nearly finished!)

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Working towards Woolfest

Cat Jingle Balls in natural wools

Next week it's Woolfest, the annual celebration of all crafts involving wool. It's held in Cockermouth, Cumbria on 26th and 27th June and is a mecca for knitters, spinners and feltmakers so I'm really looking forward to getting there and maybe learning a few more skills.

It would be interesting to learn how to spin, but needle felting keeps me pretty busy, so I wouldn't have much time for it!

Egg Cosies in natural and dyed wools

Too tired to Blog!

Wild poppy

The salad bed
More seedlings - amaranth, melon, cucumber, herbs

Onion, sorrel and salsola bed

I really ought to blog little and often. it's June 21st and so much has happened but I can't really bring myself to do more than add a few notes. At last the pain in my arm is manageable and I am getting a decent amount of sleep again, thanks to some medication. Now I just need to change my lifestyle a bit so it doesn't come back.

RSI in the upper arm is caused by using my computer mouse for hours to edit and label photographs and from prolonged use of the felting needle. Now as I can't possibly give up these activities, I'm changing to a Logitec trackball wireless mouse on a gel pad and pausing at regular intervals while felting. So far, the results are good. I have even managed to do some digging and planting at the allotment!