Sunday, 21 June 2009

Too tired to Blog!

Wild poppy

The salad bed
More seedlings - amaranth, melon, cucumber, herbs

Onion, sorrel and salsola bed

I really ought to blog little and often. it's June 21st and so much has happened but I can't really bring myself to do more than add a few notes. At last the pain in my arm is manageable and I am getting a decent amount of sleep again, thanks to some medication. Now I just need to change my lifestyle a bit so it doesn't come back.

RSI in the upper arm is caused by using my computer mouse for hours to edit and label photographs and from prolonged use of the felting needle. Now as I can't possibly give up these activities, I'm changing to a Logitec trackball wireless mouse on a gel pad and pausing at regular intervals while felting. So far, the results are good. I have even managed to do some digging and planting at the allotment!


  1. Hello! Waving from Oxfordshire, as I've just found you on Flickr & your blog. I have had similar problems with the wrist/PC/needle felting combination. I've been using a huge mouse for years, with a gel pad, which as you've found really works, and for when I'm on a felting marathon I have a super duper whizzy wrist strap with extra thumb splints, which really does the business. but thankfully I only get a bit of an ache, not real pain - poor you. :( Also, there are some brilliant RSI exercises here, which help.

  2. Thanks very much for that link, PG. I've bookmarked it and have started the exercises. They feel as though they're doing good and I'll take your advice regarding the wrist/thumb splinting, too.
    I love needle felting so it was really horrible thinking that I might have to stop for a while.
    Do you mainly needle felt or wet felt? I find wet felting too strenuous when the weather is really warm so save it for winter! Needle felting is my main creative outlet, though I might knit/crochet again if my wrists improve.
    Thanks again for your excellent advice.